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Opening Retreat

(September 15th-17th)—

(Click here for the schedule/packing list)

Overall Theme: The Basics of Faith

Friday Night: What is Confirmation?

Saturday Morning: Who is God?

Saturday Afternoon: Who is Jesus?

Saturday Evening: What is the Holy Spirit & The Trinity?

Sunday Morning: Farm Church


October of Outreach Small Groups

(Sundays, October 1st-29th)

Service & Sacraments: Bible 201 (Education)

Service & Sacraments: Grace and Gratitude (Housing)

Service & Sacraments: The Sacrament of Baptism (Earth Care)

Service & Sacraments: The Sacrament of Communion (Food Insecurity)

October 29th: Day of Service Confirmation Project


Mentor One-on-Ones

(Nov., Dec., Jan., & Feb./Mar.)

Crash Course Confirmation: Bible 202

Crash Course Confirmation: Liturgical Year

Crash Course Confirmation: Election of the People to Service (meet with an elder) / Vocation

Crash Course Confirmation: Prayer

*Sometime in February… Interfaith Tour of GSO (optional but encouraged)


Lenten Small Groups

(Sundays, February 18th - March 10th)

Presby 101: PC(USA) History

Presby 101: PC(USA) Structure

Presby 101: PC(USA) Missions

Presby 101: Stewardship


Closing Retreat (April 26th-28th)

Overall Theme: The Hard Questions

Friday Night: Heaven & Hell (and Predestination)

Saturday Morning: Sticking Points of Faith (class input on topics)

Saturday Afternoon: God Calls, How Do We Answer?

Saturday Evening: Faith Statement Writing Workshop

Sunday Morning: Worship in Asheville


Examination with Session: May 19th

Confirmation Sunday: June 2nd

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