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Youth Special Events

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“ACTS of Sabbath” Youth Sabbath Retreat (2/2-2/4)

Society moves at 110 miles per hour. It is busy and overwhelming and doesn't leave enough time for youth to take a breath... much less a break. Interrupt the breakneck rhythm of achievement-culture at the scenic Camp Hanes in King, NC. Youth will worship and study what Peter and the book of Acts has to teach us about sabbath. We will also build community and play together. But most importantly? Most importantly, we will do ~nothing~ (it's harder than you'd think!). There will be intentional time scheduled for sabbath practice as we have conversations about mental health, disconnection & reconnection, and the faithful rest God calls us to. The spring retreat is open to both middle AND high schoolers! Registration paid in 2023 will be $75 while registration paid in 2024 will be $100 (the church get better rates from Camp Hanes the earlier we can give them numbers, so we can discount earlier registrants). You can begin registration here!


Sabbath is holy and sabbath is healthy. So often, our young people are seen as tick boxes to be checked off like attendance. But God isn't like that and sabbath isn't about keeping attendance.  We must rest. God calls us to rest and our souls beg us to

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SOUPer Bowl of Caring (2/11)

The SOUPer Bowl of Caring is a community wide effort to support hunger ministries in the Greensboro area every Super Bowl Sunday. At ORPC, that means SOUP bowls! At youth group on 1/28, youth gather at Mad Splatter in Greensboro to paint bowls (RSVP here). Then, after worship and annual congregational meeting on Super Bowl Sunday (February 11th), there is a soup potluck, bake sale, and silent auction of the youth-made soup bowls with all proceeds going toward a youth-selected hunger ministry!


Lenten Youth Small Groups (2/18, 2/25, 3/3, 3/10)

ORPC will engage in a limited-time four week small group ministry over the first four Sundays of Lent! For four Sundays in Lent (2/18, 2/25, 3/3, 3/10), small groups will gather around the church campus for an hour after worship (11:15am-12:15pm). Each small group has an awesome topical theme based around growing deeper in faith and ways to engage in scripture, so you can find a way to connect no matter your interests! There will be groups specifically for children, but we have multiple, specific groups that will be for both youth and adults, plus one for the Confirmation cohort. Click here to see class offerings and to sign up!

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Lenten Soup & Sound (2/21, 2/28, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20)

Each Wednesday during Lent, join us in the Sanctuary for a shared meal of soup (all soup provided free of charge!) and wonderful musical offerings from leading musicians from around the Triad & the state! This ministry space will be open every Wednesday from 6-7pm and guides us toward Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice on the cross and resurrection on Easter. Click here to learn more.



Chili Cook Off (3/17)

ORPC Youth’s main fundraiser every year is the Chili Cook Off. This is a congregation-wide chili, wings, and mac & cheese competition. Youth make decor, trophies, promotional materials in youth group (on 3/10), and then serve as hosts the night of, collecting entries, supporting candidates, running a bake sale and dessert auction, tracking our fundraising goal, and MCing the event! There are prizes in three categories (chili, wings, and mac & cheese) for best overall, most unique, and spiciest/creamiest. This year, the chili cook off is on St. Patty’s Day, so we’ll also have a prize for green-eggs-and-hammiest! All proceeds go to support summer ministry and fund youth scholarships.


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Barn Dance for All (4/14)

Montreat is a famous Presbyterian gathering spot located in the mountains of North Carolina. One of the things they are most famous for? Their barn dances. Beth Gunn is the Presby-famous leader of Montreat’s barn dances and she is coming to ORPC! All ages (kids, youth, and adults) are invited for a night of laughter, movement, and fun! Beth will call Big Circle Mountain Dances with folk music to boot!

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Graduation Sunday and Pentecost Butterflies (5/19)

This year, we will recognize our graduates (high school and post-secondary education) in worship on Pentecost! There is liturgy and blessings in worship and they get a gift from the congregation. After worship, in celebration of Pentecost, we release butterflies into the world – anyone who wants a butterfly can get one! That night is our final youth group of the year.

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