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Grow with Us

What does it mean to learn in a church context? What does faith formation look like in a not-just-Sunday-morning environment? At ORPC, that means we offer a variety of opportunities to engage with our faith for people of all ages throughout the year. In children’s ministry, we worship, grow, and play together with developmentally appropriate ways to learn about God for our youngest worshippers. In youth ministry, we gather weekly to engage in faith formation, community building, and community service amongst a great group of middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adult advisors. In adult ministry, we dive deep into our faith through small groups of faithful adults that ponder deep and important questions.  Finally, Oak Ridge Presbyterian Preschool (ORPP) offers a Christian environment for children as young as 2-years-old to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. ORPP plants the seeds of knowledge through developmentally appropriate activities. Our happy, wholesome environment encourages each child to reach his or her own potential. Our goal is for each child to develop a passion for life-long learning, be good to others and have fun along the way. Throughout all the forms of ministry that ORPC engages with, intergenerationality is an important component. There are valuable things that our youth and children can learn from adults in the congregation, just as there are things that adults learn from our youth or ways that youth & adults work together to provide leadership for children. There are special events all through the year where all ages learn together plus twice annual small groups after worship for anyone who is interested in growing in their faith.

Our Programs

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